A Revelation!..... shotgun shell?


Most folks, at least with a few years on em, who fancy shooting shotguns or collecting their fodder are familiar with the ammunition sold by the Western Auto stores under the brand name, REVELATION. Not a big deal and nothing special, right?

This rather common looking shell has been under my nose for years and until today, I just never thought twice about it! It is a plastic shotgun shell, no big deal. But, then I looked again… not as a shooter but a collector!

It struck me as odd that this PLASTIC shell used the No instead of GA. None of the 100 or so plastics I have use the No. I have quite a few Federal shells (which made the W.A. shells) and none of them have a brass head like this one, with the Victor-like hashes on the band.

The rolled crimp and the plastic top wad I have only seen on a very few Remington buckshot loads, so far.

Some of you may have seen hundreds of shells just like this one… but I haven’t. This is the only one exactly like this that I have seen or that I have in my collection, so it is special to me. That’s what’s important about this little adventure, finding cool, new things that I haven’t seen or don’t have. So now I have a REVELATION No 12 early plastic shell loaded with #4 buckshot that is different from all the other REVELATION shells I have! Now to determine when the No was replaced by GA by Federal, so I can narrow down the date on this one!


Now I’m gonna have to dig thru mine. Thanks, Chief.


Doc. Frederickson in A Pictorial Summary of Federal Catridge Co. Shot Shell Ammunition shows that top wad / roll crimp on a Federal shells as dating from the 1950’s as does the headstamp style (on a Federal shell). He shows 12 [at 9] & Ga [at 3] from 1963-92 and with the “Steel” or “Tungsten” at 6 as dating from 1995-2002.
Most of the newer Federal headstamp layouts didn’t use the 9 & 3 areas but had the gauge at 12 or 6.


Pete, thanks very much for the info!

Can you tell me where I could find a copy of A Pictorial Summary of Federal Catridge Co. Shot Shell Ammunition ? Sounds like something I need.