A S headstamps


Is A S a Spanish and an Italian headstamp


On what calibre? I have a British .22 Rimfire captive bolt cattle killer blank round headstamped “AS” . This is made by Kynoch for Accles and Shelvoke Ltd., the company that makes the cattle killers. Sorry if this is irrelevant.


A.S. was an inspector of Capua Pyrothecnics in 1957-58 (cal. 9 M38)
Another AS marks is for American Standard or ballistic standard on .303 cartridge by Winchester for British Gov. in 1915

  • As a maker’s mark “AS” can be seen on some headstamps for the 20mm Hispano [20X110] rounds [brass or steel shell cases] and 20mm Oerlikon “S” [20X110RB] rounds [brass shell cases] made during WW2 here in USA. The “AS” mark stands for “Aluminum Specialty Co” from Manitowoc, Wisconsin. Liviu 03/11/07


The AS headstamp also occurs on Spanish made 9mmP plastic blanks sold witht the trade name Asaey which was reportedly sold to or in Israel. These look like a product of Plasticas Oramil.