A sardine tin of swiss 10.4


It’s interesting to see an image of a cartridge stamped in the tin, a good idea back when litteracy was not universal and the paper lable could get lost.

The tin remains unopened.


great find, how old?


I guess the tin is from the 1870’s - 1880’s era. Someone explained to me that when members of the Swiss national guard went home, they took their rifles with them and they also were issued one of these tins of ammo for use in an emergency.


Thats a very nice find 45Auto

I like to show you what"s inside this tin…

inside you will find 3 packets and each packets contains 10 cartridges (Vetterlipatrone)

As we all know most Swiss soldiers have their personal small arms at home.
To be prepared for a sudden attack there goes a sealed “emergency-ration” with that gun in the same closet.

In the old days of the rifles and carbines they used a tin who contains 3 packets of 10 Vetteli cartridge later on they had a flat cigar-box like tin sealed with tape that holds 4 chargers of GP90 or GP11.
The Stgw57 got that tube-like sealed tin to be opened with a special key still containing 24 rounds. (a Stgw57 has a 24-rnd mag that is 4 of those old chargers…)
The Stgw 90 and the later pistols got a 50 round tin as shown at the right.
The older pistols and revolvers got their regular ammunition packages but sealed and labeled in a special way.

Now don’t think that anybody was free to use that ammo, it had to be stored in a safe place and brought in every time there was a military inspection. The ammunition got replaced when it got too old or whenever the packing was damaged.

The label on these packings tells the soldier in 4 languages to open the packing in case of a sudden attack or mobilization and to load his gun with this ammunition before he leaves for the nearest transit-camp.

modern tin’s…


Gyrojet - do those 48 round Tins for the 9 mm, or the 24 round box variation as shown with the tin (much printing on the back), ever show up? I would sure like to find one of each, even empty (in fact, at this stage of my collecting - new laws, etc. - empty would be better). Just wondered.

John Moss


John I have them with me for sale for the last 3 years at the St-Louis show…
I will look what I can find for you for next year!!!



Gyroject - I never saw any in 9mm (or 7.65 mm Para), the only calibers I would have been interested in. If you had those calibers, I am sure sorry I missed them.

John Moss


Very interesting packaging… Was this type of packaging specificly for issue to home guard soldiers, or was it general issue as well?




this type of packaging was only for home guard soldiers…
Till today they have a 5,56x45 (taschenmunition) tin at home…



Thank you for the information. There is nothing like being ready for any emergency. I see on the box label: “Gewehr Nr.” Was this space for recording the serial number of the rifle issued to the man with the box of ammo?

I also have a box of 7.5mm Swiss revolver ammo as well. But that’s in a little box from 1960 and not in a tin.


Yes that space was for a serial number of the rifle .