A shotshell box, for a change

A favorite from my collection. It is one of a full case discovered about 15yrs ago in an old plantation out-building south of Charleston SC, still nailed tightly shut in a wooden box. That’s why the box and its contents are near pristine. Quail and duck shooting were popular on this particular plantation after WWII and as these are #8 shot, they were most probably intended for quail.

Note in the upper left corner of the top lid, these are 2 7/8" long shells. This is the only box in that length I have seen. Also note the tax stamp to the right. This is a South Carolina Business License tax stamp that is an ink stamp on each box and its value is 5 cents.

This printed stamp became a glue-on stamp in the 1950s and was retangular. Stamps were found on many products, including tobacco and ammunition. Although the tax is still paid, there are no longer actual stamps used.

Thanks for the picture as much as i enjoy this forum I am a collector of shotshells and old ammo. I look hear daily to see if there is some info I can learn about antique ammo, especially shot shells and salesmans samples.

Neat stuff, I love shotgun boxes, they are like lingerie show of the ammo world, leather and lace.

Reading this, there must be some shotshells collectors here in the forum.

Would like to show a WW1 shell with a German patriotic printing.

As far I know this round was only made in 12 and 16 GA.
The pictures shows the GA16 and the headstamp the GA12

Translated it means

Can you translate what is written on the shell into english?

Doug D

[quote=“Doug”]Can you translate what is written on the shell into english?

Doug D[/quote]

Rottweiler Hunting Cartridge

War year 1915

Smokeles Hunting Powder

On the head stamp

United K

Thanks you, have to go to work now I will try to put some photos on the fiorum tonight

Doug D


See what you started! There ARE shotshell collectors on the Forum. They’ve been lurking here just waiting for an opening.

Let’s see more of those boxes in your collection.

If only they made a 7.62x39 shotshell . . . .


Or one in .450 revolver.

I’ve often joked that I don’t collect shotshells by intent, but sometimes it just happens…

Perhaps Shotmeister has presented an opportunity for those who do collect shotshells to “come out of the closet” so to say. There are so many interesting varieties off the beaten path of the “multitudes of mundane” sporting loads that anyone who is interested in ammuniton in general is bound to pick up a specimen or two.
Shotshells afford ample room for text and pictures not found on metallics and the boxes are often very elaborate. The Europeans have reallly taken this to great extents such as the example shown by Dutch. Then there are the Industrials, the Military (experimentals too!), Special Purpose (signal, LTL, etc.), gigantic Punt shells and the varieties go on and on.

Perhaps we could get folks to post a favorite shotshell of theirs on this thread that just might inspire others to accept shotshells in the mainstream of ammunition collecting? Or perhaps we just go back to discussing the variations in primer seal color tints on “real” ammunition? (This is where I would insert one of those smiley things if I could bring myself to do it…)


Ok. I’ve hidden it long enough. My family knows, now. Here is some of my secreted stash. I feel free!!!

Ray–No 7.62x39 Shot shells, but I do have a 7.62x51. The headstamp is F.M."FLB --66–7.62–. It is an extended case with a mock bullet shape and sealed at the end with wax.


I kinda suspected it all along.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that. ;)

I see where Kwai Chang Caine is dead. I can’t say that I know much about his personal life but he must have had some inner dragons eating him up. Too bad.


Yes. The Grasshopper is dead. Long live GRASSHOPPAH!

Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Made me LOL.

WOW! You’re right Ray, they’re coming out of the woodwork!

Here is a pic of my 12ga Full Box collection.

The lower left box is 10ga Winchester, 2 7/8".
Note the next 2 boxes are Remington and are identical, except the colors are reversed! One is Green/Red and the other is Red/Green. I’ve never determined why this variation occurred.
The 2 Western Xpert (Olin Corp) on the right are the same, hi-gloss box but one is the last year of paper(with the NEW MARK 5 shot collar) and the other the first year of plastic hulls. I thought these boxes were the neatest things when they first came out (about 1960) and still do. The glossy finish on these is not pristine but still nice, to me.

None of these boxes have the tax stamps on them that I discussed earlier and it is quite possible they came from some other state than SC.

Dutch’s shell is really a cool example and I am impressed by Slick Ricks collection. As it should be for a true Missile Monkey’s Mate. It’s only been recently that I considered plastic shells as collectable, except for specific examples but, like a box of ACTIV 20’s I have, some are out of production and surely worthy of collecting.

Here’s a pair of shotshells that I have pictured on the forum before, but they hold a special place in my heart.

The concern that there are no decent cartridges left to find is unfounded. I think the internet has been responsible for a lot of great stuff coming out of closets, attics and garages all over the word, as people with no interest in cartridges discover from web sites such as the IAA cartridge forum that the box full of old ammo that grandpa held on to for all those years may actually be worth something.

Eight or so years ago, some one in the northeast US contacted me and said he had 300 New Rapid new primed emptied in unmarked boxes that he had picked up in an antique shop, as I vaguely recall. He said most had black hulls, but there was a handful that were ‘pink’. I was unaware of a pink hull, but did determine that there was one known tan hull documented in The Black Shells, a reference on US Cartridge Company shotgun shells put together by the Shotshell Historical and Collectors Society which provided a history of the company and its shells, and included illustrations of all of the known variations of USC Co shells that the society members could document. I bought the shells and determined that they were a variation with a .175" primer rather than the .210" primer in the known example. They caused a bit of excitement among the advanced shotsell collectors, and I was able to sell or trade 8 of the tan ones rather quickly with little effort, allowing me to add some great boxes and singles to my own collection of metallic cartridges. I did get a good lesson in supply and demand, as I observed the market for these previously unknown shotshell pretty much dry up in a very short time, with the resulting drop in value that can be expected when demand is met for any product. I have had several similar experiences with other purchases since then, so I don’t think its time to give up the search for good cartridges just yet.

OK I took some pics and I have them in Photo Bucket How do I atach them??

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A quick pick of odds and sods…(I’M OUT!)