A simple Q on french 8mm Lebel

Does anyone know the ballistic performance (muzzle velocity would be enough) of the French “heavy MG ball” (Balle N Mle32, IIRC), when fired from Hotchkiss M1914 MG?
Also, was this heavy ball allowed for use in rifles, or it was “MG only”?


Ball Mle 1886M, 632m/s (V 0m)
Ball Mle 1886D, 701m/s (V 0m)
Ball Mle 1886P, 840m/s in the rifle (V 0m)
Ball Mle 1886T, 750m/s in the rifle (V 0m)
Ball Mle 1917, 720m/s (V 25m)
Ball Mle 1923C, ?
Ball Mle 1932N, 690m/s (V 25m)
Ball « fraisée », Vm/s > 10m/s lower than the ball D
Ball « sectionnée », Vm/s < 50m/s lower than the ball D


8lebel.org/index.php?option= … Itemid=194 (Mle 1932)

pierrejean, merci!