A Simplified Explanation of 7.62x39mm Varnished Steel Cartridge Case Production in Russia

Photo from Papkin’s livejournal page showing a 7.62x39mm cartridge case draw set for varnished steel case production:



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For those unfamiliar with case making, process as follows:
1&2 Blank and Cup, double action Press;
3. First Draw;
4. Second Draw;
5. Third Draw;
6. Trim;
7. Head and Primer Pocket (Berdan) Form (“Bunting”);
8. Taper/ Neck.
(8A. Drill Twin Flash-holes)
9. Trim to Length & Cut extractor groove and rim;
10. Dip varnish hot, bake on.
Steps such as annealing between draws, pickling in acid, inspection, etc omitted here.
Most probably made using Tungsten carbide Dies, and synthetic soap lubricant.
Overall, much more economical than 70/30 Cartridge Brass.
Steel used is a AISI 1020 low Carbon steel ( “Auto sheet”).

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