A Spanish 6 mm Velo-Dog box by UEE


Here is a box for 25 cartridges in 6 mm Velo-Dog caliber, by UEE. The cases are headstamped UEE but most probably they were made elsewhere (SFM?).

All the cartridges in the box have their primers weakly snapped as if someone had tried to fire them in who knows what gun.

The tax stamp pasted on the sides dates this box between 1897-1916.




The firing pin snap is quite off-center from where the anvil in the case would be. Those rounds
might still all go off in the proper pistol, if age along hasn’t done them in!

Another classic box - I love these old designs, although this caliber is out of my specialty. Regard-
less, one can still admire a beautiful old box label.