A strange .22 box by DNAG


Well, at least strange for me.

The size of the box would be for 50 .22 LR cartridges. No markings on any other box side. Inner container and contents missing.

Maybe our friend EOD know what “Forstschädlingspatronen” and “Bem. 3198” mean, and the approximate date. DNAG should be Dynamit Nobel, AG.




Bem. = Bemusterung
These are cartridges for acceptance tests and represent something like a final product ready for adoption.
If there is an official and applicable English term for this someone knowing better please may tell.

“Forstschädlingspatronen” is cartridges for (forest-) varmint.


It seems curious to me that they use that Varmint designation instead of LfB or Long Rifle… unless the cartridges were not .22 Long Rifle.


The designation seems to apply to the projectile or the whole cartridge itself since it is likely a development for a governmental department.