A stretch for ammo related...Japanese ID-translation needed

Here we go Forum experts…yes this is not “ammo”…but could be related (at a stretch)

They come from a retired IAA gentleman (whom is not techno savvy to do Forum/Internet searches…so I said “your IAA will help you out”

The inquiry is…“what are they”…”what do they say”

Here they are?

Disclaimer…I have NO idea if these say anything sensitive/offensive, etc…So I apologize

Bottom line…help !


Dear Pepper,
Please repost this enquiry on “Gunboards.com”, which has excellent
Japanese Threads with Japanese speaking and reading members, who are experienced in translating this type of Militaria.

The Flag with the “signatures” is typical of the National flags given to young soldiers when leaving for the front by Family and friends; the other with the repetitive lines (Vertical) of characters are either prayers or exhortations to soldiers ( more probably Pilots) to carry out their missions without fear etc. I don’t have enough Japanese to translate them, but others on the Gunboards “Firearms of the Rising Sun” section do.

Doc AV
AV Ballistics
Brisbane Australia

Pepper - I tried uploading the close-up image of the scarf to an online character recognition program that I have used on scanned magazine articles in other languages (which I then copy & paste the text results of into Google translator), and the results weren’t so good. I think due to the fact that it is on fabric, or slightly unclear in terms of an OCR program. But anyway, it was able to discern only these words / phrases:

“Bullhead”, “A Light”, and “I urge sacrifice”

I can only guess it is some sort of personal motivational thing, like a government propaganda thing for soldiers to serve the Emperor? Just a guess. It still may or may not say anything about munitions…?

I have a buddy (Gary) that had one of these “National flags” with signatures and well wishes that were given to the soldier when leaving for war.
He also has a rifle and pistol, all from the same soldier.
These were all given to Gary by his father and he was the one that did the “deed” if you will to get them.

About 15 years ago Gary was invited by the government of Japan to give a speech to a very large group. Gary figured that maybe some government people might be able to find a member of this soldiers family. When Gary brought up the subject they said “we will find this family”

I don’t recall now the whole story but for the family to have back that flag was the highest honor that could be given to them.
He said he met with 5 or 6 of the family members and when he handed it over to them he said it was as if that soldier had just died that day, Gary was amazed at the out pouring of emotions just to get that flag back.
He said he will never forget that meeting for the rest of his life.

This does not give you any more of a clue as to what it says but its “a story that is connected” in some way at least.

I agree with Doc. I’ll post a link to the thread on Gunboards.

Got some interesting info on Gunboards:

forums.gunboards.com/showthread. … ation-help

thanks…I think “we” have enough to satisfy the searcher.

(The “mine” flag seems a patriotic company “advertisement”…the little flag remains a mystery)

the last pic.well it is revesal,the line on the top(near the sun)means hardworking and service to the country.Other lines below are names of some companies.

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