A video on German 7,9x57 ammunition

I just found this when it cropped up on my Youtube page;

Lots of 7,92x57

Apart from the various chargers the cartridges themselves are a mystery to me, but I hope it’s of some interest.


Take with a grain of salt what the seller says. For example “Für MG” (for machine guns) simply indicates the absence of rifle stripper clips in the boxes.
The interesting part (shooting 7.9 mm SmK and SmKH at steel and class IV armour) begins at 27:30.

And to be honest his “test setup” is not professional in any way…

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Yea, I had to fast forward through the shooting phase.
Watching the bolt being cucled 30 or so times was worse than boring.

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I’m sorry…Just another boring, non professional made and worthless video, on this one destroing valuable SmKH boxes and cartridges. There are a lot of these movies on YT, all a lot of talking, a lot of videoshots, a lot of blabla, but not realy interesting.


Hey all.
I was selling this ammunition on my site, the purpose of the video what to show my customers what different batches of ammunition had problems(if any) such as duds or hang fires. So while I understand the 30 minutes of me cycling rounds was boring(it was 94f and 90% humidity… I’d rather have not been out their plinking away hah!) I did it pretty much to give my customers an idea on different lots. It was interesting in that the steel case ammo had no issues, but the 1936 dated brass case was full of hang fires and a few duds.

It was not a professional setup, which again was because I was not doing the video for entertainment purposes but rather to demonstrate the ability of this ammunition to my customers. I can understand how to a passerby viewer that it was not fancy and was rather drawn out but again, entertainment was not my goal as much as a thorough presentation to potential buyers. (I had 30k+ of ammo to sell!)

As for boxes/cases being thrown destroyed. That did not happen, I’m a milsurp firearms collector, so the need to preserve things crosses over to other military surplus such as ammo. I can assure you the boxes, spent cases and clips were all kept. I believe I shot 8? 9? rounds of SMKH, which seems like a lot but I had 3000rd+ of it I was selling.($59 a box delivered, and yes I know that’s dirt cheap for this rare ammo but I wanted to give everyone a chance to own some regardless of their $$$ situation), so to me 8-9rd seemed like a very small amount just to show off this ammunitions capabilities.

Hope that explains it some.

In my opinion, in view of the scarcity of SmKH, a minimum would have been to setup a chronograph and compare its muzzle velocity (after 84 years or so) to ordinary SmK and sS. That would be a most interesting information, considering the special propellant used in SmKH, totally different from the standard propellant of SmK and sS. Is it still the official 875 m/s versus 785 m/s versus 755 m/s or not?
You seem to not recognize that cartridges with a red case mouth are not exactly ordinary. But instead of having a closer look, you robot-like continue opening one box after the other, then spill its contents before proceeding to the next box. Not even a token examination of the box labels in a half hour video.
Your rifle obviously has a feed problem which is totally unconnected to the ammunition. With the hang fires and duds, the first information to be checked should be the primer type, make and lot. Was it corrosive Zdh 88 or non-corrosive Zdh 30 or 30/40?
The above are some of the basic information that in my opinion should be expected from someone with access to thousands of rounds.


There must have been a literal boat load of German ammo imported recently… I got an email yesterday [that I can not access right now] for boxes and sleeves of various ammo types, various dates, mostly WWII manufacture.

A cursory search has not turned up any SmKH, but there are a few online sites that have SmK for as little as $10.30 per box, (Shark Coast Tactical has just over 1,500 boxes in stock), and 300 round sleeves, (JG Sales, $289.95, or 3+ for $266.64).

I note various auction sites have all kinds of German WWII and earlier 7.9 at rediculously high prices, as would be expected. Gun Broker, two boxes of SmK Tropical started at $49, and four bids later it s up to $235.

Side note, on Gun Broker there is a listing for TWO boxes of 5.7x28 Hornady 40 grain V-Max, up to $115! Are people insane?! I recently picked up several boxes for $23 each.

Thanks for explination. But still:
Here in Holland SmkH cardidges are sold for about €75 of more per piece, or €275 a box) so maybe you can imagine the tears in my eyes. (If possible I would be very, VERY VERRY happy to buy a box from you for 60 dollars!)
The video, as second hobby I made videofilms too, with very good result in competitions. Tip, make shorter shots, 3 of 4 seconds and than an overvieuw, followed by a close up, and no more than max 2 times the same thing. As sayed, tell about the label, tell about the primer, show the cartidges, show the impact. I can give a lot more info in a max.10 minutes movie (that’s long enough for most people to watch, without scrolling) then in your half hour. I’m sorry.

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What worries me about German WW2 ammunition sales is little or no info is stated about the dangers of steel case ammunition deterioration from inside out. I have quite a few in my collection that have finally rusted through.

“You took 30 minutes, I could have shown the boxes and cases in 10 minutes.”
And that would be great if you were doing the video purely for informative reasons for fellow collectors… As I am not an ammo collector but instead am a small gun shop, my goal was to give my customers the basics on what this ammunition was and why it was better than standard SMK AP along with showing what they could expect from different batches of mixed 8mm(7,92).

Y’all keep saying “well you should have done this” “you could have done that” “a chronograph should have been used.” My job was to get the ammunition sold… Which I did, over 3000rd of it. I’ve also sent out boxes(for free) to different major gun channels on youtube. So hopefully one of them will give you the in depth detailed video you so desire… But expecting me to do it would be like going to McDonalds for a fine meal…

I apologize if that was blunt/borderline rude but I feel that’s how y’all are replying to me… I’m a tiny one man gun store and my job is to sell my inventory and you’re raking me over the coals because I don’t have a lab setup to test this stuff…

Requesting my account be deleted here as I’m a poor fit. Have a great day.

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I understand why he did not have “proper” testing set up, it is understandable from the standpoint of a small store looking to make sales.
What bothered me more was the way he ripped open box after box, when he had panned over boxes that were already torn open in torn open sleeves, and if you paused at the right time that ammo looked clean. He could as well pulled those and examples.

for howiebearse ,very sad verity ,in the past i had a box of SmeLang steel case lacquered from 1944 ,very “new” rounds (look like “out of the factory”) but few times after (4 or 5 years ?) rounds destroyed by inside ,even cases finish in pieces

I’m on ncreptile’s side here. Not every shooter or firearms enthusiast is a cartridge collector or historian, nor do they have a duty to cater to our dreams or wishes.

The context and motivation for his video is very clear as he explained it.

If the cartridge collector community wants to document a test and evaluation of WWII German 7,9 ammunition then it should acquire the specimens and do so.

This is the second new person to this forum you guys have run off in a week and it is pretty shameful.


Ncreptile made it very obvious that his sole interest was to sell the cartridges and that he really did not give a damn what possible customers from this forum could be interested in. He is blind to the possibility of making extra dollars by listening to what forum members are interested in.
The honest attempt by Jaco to illustrate the viewpoint of forum members and show him some ways of improving his videos was ignored, to put it mildly.
We have lost a seller who insists on not listening to potential buyers. It could be worse in my view.


The video made by ncreptile was not made for or directed towards members of this forum. His target market is militaria collectors and shooters. As he clearly stated in his video, he was selling this ammunition in 300 round lots of mixed types. That tells me he was not interested in dealing with someone who wanted to cherry pick specific types, box labels or whatnot. Perhaps you don’t understand the American military firearms enthusiast and militaria collector community. The vast majority are not interested in the details of the ammunition and box markings. We grumpy, old, pedantic cartridge researchers and collectors are a tiny, tiny, minority. Most sellers of surplus ammunition don’t have the time or interest in dealing with us, even if it means they could make more money. They would rather sell their 10,000 rounds in 300 round lots and be done with it than deal with 5 or 10 collectors who want preferential treatment because they will pay more. Some of the comments about ncreptile’s video and business practice sound like spoiled children throwing a tantrum because they didn’t get the toy they wanted.

As I said in my earlier post, it is shameful the way this forum attacked ncreptile (and the Scottish fellow asking about .30-06 boxes). It looks bad and rest assured both of them will spread the word about their negative experience with the IAA.


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