AAF Tank museum, Danville, VA


This is AAF tank museum aaftankmuseum.com/
I can’t show most of it because it is predominantly vehicles, not ammo. Gobs and gobs of them, all indoors. If you like big guns on wheels, this is your place.



An interesting piece - a Soviet AA gun with a direct hit into a siting piece, a big black hole in the highest part of the gun. Read the poster next to the gun.


I am posting a limited sample of tank exhibits (by permission)


Vlad, thanks a lot for the images. They have some very rare vehicles there.


When Vlad says the tank pictures were being posted “by permission”, he means he asked me if it would be alright before he posted them. My answer was, in my opinion as a Admin. was “If it has a gun attached, then it must use ammunition, thus it is ammunition related”. I also told him I would NOT want just a bunch of ordinary military vehicles (Jeeps, Trucks, etc., unless they have a gun mounted, such as the 106 Recoilless on a Jeep) ). So, if any of you object to these types of pictures, email me, not Vlad.