AAI 25mm AP-T

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nice round
the primer is electric ?

The primer was a piston primer like the kind used in the XM645 flechette. Also neat is how similar the links are.

There was a fantastic board at the Woodin Lab that also showed a multiple flechette and HE loads.IMG_2724

backup 790

Paul, do you happen to know the case length of these 25mm?

Alex, the case length is 145 mm. My collection of unconventional cannon rounds is here:

From left to right: 20x87 caseless, 20x171 Dardick Tround, 20x140 Cased-Telescoped, 25x145 neckless part-polymer case, 25x152 Cased-Telescoped Combustible case for GAU-7 aircraft gun (with projectile alongside), 30x166 AMCAWS tapered CT, 30x152 Hughes Lockless, 30x200 Folded


Tony, thanks a lot! And also thanks for the arrangement of weird designs!