AAI 5.8mm single flechette cut-away board


What is the difference between the one shown and the one in the showcase?
in comparison a 5.56 in a flechette is shown

There were a good number ofvariations in loads and case types in the SPIW program.
So to list the differences in the one in the board and yours would / could be a long list.
Also these are several variations in the 5.56 loads.

Thank you for your explination.yes I am aware that this programme
ran for quite a while,and than being abandoned without any results.

Great source, if not the best information of the SPIW program is:

The Deadliest Weapon That Never Was
R. Blake Stevens & Edward C. Ezell 1985

Found listed on Amazon ans E-Bay for about …ouch $200
My copy has a price tag of $29.95 postage paid