AB962: California to ban ammunition shipments

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This posting is about ammunition, so this post should be allowed. As we are only stating the facts. Bill AB962. California to ban ammunition shipments, people will have buy ammunition in person and show picture ID and finger print. Sellers will have to keep records for 5 years. The bill passed the California State house and Senate by only a few votes. You can still get the Governor to consider a Veto.
Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
State Capitol Building
Sacramento, CA 95814
PH: 916-445-2841
FX: 916-558-3160
This information is from the NRA Web-site and true to the best of my knowledge.
David Call

This is broadly in line with British law on sale of ammunition. All sales must be face to face and with the exception of shotgun cartridges all sales are recorded. We are also limited to the ammount we can buy, for example I can only buy max 500 .22s at a time.

For a pot hunter this might be several years supply of .22s but for a fun shooter like me its an afternoon’s shooting. So now every time my sons and I want to take my .22 rifle out I have to first do an hour and a half round trip to see Joe at Gunshop, Cat Hill to buy ONE brick of .22s. Joe would like to sell me more but his hands are tied.
And as I have known Joe for decades I would be lucky to get out of the shop without having a cup of coffee looking at whats new, chewing the fat etc so its a half a a day trip with my wife still complaining that I haven’t done this or that.
Result- The .22 rifle doesn’t come out much. And a lot of good old father/son bonding experiences are missed.

By stealth, because it is not law, this is extending into reloading components as well. It started with primers.

Its hard to see what the advantage to society is from these laws. It only takes one round to commit a murder.

What it does do is create huge problems for ordinary people who live in more remote areas who then have to drive BIG miles. For the gunshops it creates stock problems. They can’t keep all of the combinations of all of the calibres. Also they are now restricted to a customer base dictated by how far people are prepared to drive. You can’t call him and ask him to stick a couple of boxes in the mail. Or give them to Bill who’s coming into town on Friday.

In Britain this means gunshops are struggling and the stock on the shelf goes down and down. Everything has to be ordered in. This makes everything so much more complicated and unsatisfactory.

New rifle? lets go on the internet and order a box of Norma, a box of Remington and a box of Federal to take it to the range see how it shoots. Not any more you won’t!

You will wait a month for your dealer to get some in and then you will take whatever he ordered, and be grateful.
None of this stops crime but if you believe the conspiracy theories it will help to prevent groups from stockpiling ammunition.

Briitsh gunlaws were first put in place because of fears of armed uprisings in the decade following the Russian revolution. None of the British gunlaws have had any effect on crime. You have to question their motives.

No anti-gun law ever passed in the United States has been PROVEN to reduce crime or improve gun safety. To the contrary, the passage of “must issue” laws in over 30 states, meaning they must issue a concealed weapons permit to anyone of good record and sound mind who requests one, have been proven to reduce crimes of violence on the streets, with only a very slight increase in crimes of stealth in a couple of states. Given the choice of being mugged and perhaps injured or killed on the street, and having a burglar in the house when I am not home, I will take the latter.

Education improves gun safety and police presence in high crime areas, a joke in the general area where I live, reduce crime. In my own actual community, the only unincorporated area in the State of California with its own police department (not just the Sheriff’s department), the crime rate is infintisimal because our own fine police force responds to even a minor call in generally less than two minutes - an advantage of a small town, even when it is smack in the middle of a big city.

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We need to be aware of different ammo laws in various states/countries because it is an international forum and we sometimes mail stuff to each other.

In Britain even sales of air pellets have to be face to face. I don’t even know how or when that law came in. I don’t actually think it is law I think its an example of the creeping legislation problem by which bits of law grow like branches of a tree from the original piece of legislation when nobody is looking. I will have to ask one of the dealers about it next time I talk to one.

The question of mailing ammunition is not quite the same as face to face buying. If for example I went to visit my friend in Wales and left a box of .22s behind by mistake. By my interpretation of the law, he could mail them back to me.
In Britain you cannot buy a gun mail order but you can sent it back by mail for repair.

We now find that components such as primers can’t be bought except face to face but nowhere is that law.

The big excuse for every question, the trump card that cannot be beaten is the threat of terrorism. Does anyone seriously believe that restricting the sale of BB guns and ammunition is going to prevent another attack on London??.