Abandoned Ammunition Production Facility in Polican (Polichan), Albania


Or open this link in GOOGLE and use Google translator:


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Brian, great link, thanks for sharing.

This is the Kombinati Mekanik Poliçan (factory number 3, as found in headstamps).



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Brian, thank you for sharing! Incredible images!

Now the hunt is on!
Who can tell the hs of the 9x19 steel cases???


And what is this caliber???


Who has a positive ID on Albanian 7.62x54R clips? Were these ever available together with the ammo sold in the US in tins?


And interesting to see they had Manurhin machinery:


Very interesting to see they used Bofors propellant at some point:


The last production of KMP (the factory here) is not that long ago. Confirmed is 2011.
I wonder now if the facility shown here is just one of several.

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Wow, would love to get in there for a couple of days.

In 1991 there was a cartridge show at the Remington-UMC shot tower in Bridgeport CT.
After the show was over 4 of us had a walk around, blueprints on the floor, bunters, plastic pieces to be made into tubes to make the hulls, rubber stamps for applying case wall print & the machinery, it was all very, very neat. Took a bunch of B&W photos of the machinery / surroundings & printed them into a series of 8x10’s. Pretty amazing place.

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During 2012 the factory was involved in a scandal when it was discovered that they were repacking old cartridges in cases stencilled with new dates of manufacture (e.g., September 2012). Although the whole process was financed with the economical aid of the NATO, this ammunition was repacked to be exported to undisclosed “non-NATO” countries.

Although it was still in operation until 2014, I assume that this issue lead to the closure of the factory sooner or later because the lack of fund.


English language direct link: https://www.urbextour.com/en/polichan-secret-communist-military-bunker-factory-in-the-mountains-of-albania/

What did President Reagan say? Trust but verify! So true.

for EOD the second picture is 14.5x114

Ammogun, as for the proportions I would agree.

  • Albania is not known to having ever made 14.5x114 (they never claimed and also no specimen were observed)
  • When you compare the size of the switch on the side of the machine and the cartridges it becomes clear that the cartridges shown are of small arms size (even considereing that the switch is closer to the viewer and cartridges are in the back). In my view the cartridges have a caliber smaller than 7.62mm.

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i don’t know the size of the switch
i refer only on the shape of shoulder
the two rounds in background are 7.62x54r (i m sure that is not 7.62x51)

by the shape i would say 5.45x39

Does anyone know how to print this out? I have tried every different way of printing in my computer, and all I get is a 3-page document, only one page of which has a full page of printing. The other two are basically blank; only a couple of lines on each.

John Moss

John, the only solution so far to print or create a .pdf file of a long thread is to press Crtl+P.



Vince, going by the case body length below the shoulder it should be something else.

Fede - Control P doesn’t work either, at least not for me. I get Page 1, which has only the title of the article on it; page 2, which has one page of print, and ends in the middle of a sentence; page 3 which has only a phone number, the words, in a rectangle “For Partners” and one line of print in Russian Cyrillic.

No matter, I will do without it.


John, sorry, I understood that you was trying to print this page.

I’ll send you a .doc file of the whole page to your email. I tried to create a .pdf file to post here but the images are distorted.



I created a pdf by clicking Ctrl + P and selecting Adobe as the printer. The good news is that the pictures are fine. The bad news is that it is 46MB, so too big to attach here. But if you have Adobe Acrobat installed, then you should be able to replicate it.

Ok, problem solved: select all (Crtl+A), copy and paste into a .doc file; then, do not convert the .doc file into a .pdf but print it as a .pdf with “small size” settings.

Here is the result: Polichan secret communist military bunker factory in the mountains of Albania (small file).pdf (2.5 MB)

i didn’t noticed the size of the switch before seen in the link
it approx 10 cm diameter
so i m certain that the “big casings” are 14.5x114

I doubt the switch to be 100mm (have never seen one this big being used on machinery). The one here appears to be like normal ones in the range of about 40mm diam.

And Albania is still unknown to ever having made any 14.5x114.