About 22LR Tracer ammunition


…on the last week end I had the opportunity to take these pics…these are two 22LR rounds with nickel plated cases whose lead bullets have their noses red painted …the owner told me that these are very old 22LR tracer rounds…

…is it possible to know if they are fakes or not…and if not is it possible to know more about such ammunition?

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These are Gevelot 22 Long Rifle GP tracer bullets (France). Not sure of actual age but somewhere in the 60’s.

Not sure when Gevelot started or quit making these tracers, but they were still available at least in the late 1980’s.

I have a box of these that I think was made in the 70’s. Dunn’s .22 Boxes of the World (sound familiar?) lists it as a 1960 series.

Roger–Check Dunn, Series G-8 for what I think was the last box used by Gevelot for the Tracers. I think this was this was the last style box Gevelot used before they were taken over by NCS in 1980. I don’t think NCS produced the Tracer. As for when in the 1960’s they appeared, I remember buying a box at my local hardware store in 1964.

Not sure if Gevelot (Canada) sold the Tracer or not. I don’t remember seeing any if they did. Dunn does not list it.

I have to say the paint looks aged, like on an old car, or an old house. One thing about fakes, you can’t easily age paint. And who would want to for a .22?

Missed that one (G-8).

I checked the Canadian Blyth/Dunn book and they show no tracers for any year for Gevelot.

So it has to be a G-6 LR-7 (early 60’s), G-7 LR-7 (late 60’s-early 70’s), or G-8 LR-5 (late 70’s). They all have a GG5 headstamps like in the photos and have nickel-washed brass cases with red-tipped lead bullets.

So, the only definite thing we can say is they are: Gevelot .22 Long Rifle Tracer rounds (BALLES TRACANTES) that were produced between 1960 and 1980.

Finally something I know a little about.

I remember buying a few boxes of these rounds in Montreal Quebec in the late 1960’s.


These were sold widely in the United States, as well. We used to carry them in our
store until tracers were made illegal. There were exceptions to that California law.
12 Gauge tracers for trap and skeet shooting were legal but could be fired only a range.
They were illegal, I am sure, for hunting. I forget if .22s were exempted or not.


thank you very much for your kind replies…all the informations you wrote are really useful to me.

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