About 30 court ammo

I would like to have some info about the 30 court cartridge.I only know that it is made for french market ( and other markets?I don’t know) due to gun laws.I have a case made by RWS but I don’t know if this round is still produced and what factories still make it

Pivi - not a lot is known about the 30 Court but here is what I have in my database:

This is a 2mm shorter case version of the 30 M1US Carbine and was produced by RWS sometime before 1970 (c1960-1970). It is not shown in any known post-WW2 RWS catalog.

The name implies that it was probably produced for the French market being created to satisfy the French laws not allowing military calibres to be used. It is intended for similar use as the 30-222 SUR-ARMES which was also used in modified M1 Carbines.

RWS was the only ammunition company that produced this commercially but examples can also be encountered made from 20 Carbine cases with hs such as “F N *” and “FC 30 CARBINE”.