About de IAA and the trust level

Hi Everyone I’m going to use this oportunity to ask about two things. First off I’m wondering if there’s some kind of certificate or document we can obtain so we can prove we are members of the IAA. To be honest I want to know because I would like to add it to my resume, believe it or not I will help me in my job.

The second question is in regards of the Trust level. I was looking at my profile and noticed it, I just want to know what does it mean. Thanks in advance

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The IAA sends memberships cards within the March printed journal. Ejournal members can acquire a pdf membership card on request to the membership secretary

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I didn’t know, thanks a lot, by the way do you happen to know the e-mail of the membership secretary?

Gary Muckel. Gmuckel9@gmail.com
It is always listed on the second page of the journal.

I didn’t notice, thanks Muck