About Fiocchi boxes variations

Would like to know when Fiocchi introduced the “silver” boxes and when they were replaced by the “picture of the cartridge on the top” style. I suspect that the new box types appeared ca 1995.

Looks like nthat the colored band on the box is blue if the box contains cartridges loaded with lead bullets, red if it contains semi jacketed bulets and red / yellow if it contains FMJ bullets. Am I right?
Another variation exists since I have seen a 45 HP “silver” box with a yellow band with black spots, and marked “practical shooting” on the top.

The colour coding holds up so far since I am sitting here with a silver .357 Mag box where the projectile was a 142 grain FMJ and the colours are red and yellow.
Lot number is 3108005No1779 (Yes, no spaces)

Pivi, the earliest reference I have for the “picture of the cartridge on the top” style boxes is May 1993. Also, note that the color code for the lead bullet is blue/light blue/blue and the one for lead wadcutter is blue/blue/blue.


By “yellow band with black spots” do you mean something like this one?

Great photo. I have never even seen a picture of that Fiocchi .45 HP box before! Wow!

John, I’ve found the Fiocchi “Cheetah” box in a magazine article dated May 1991.

Super Fede!!!

Yes, that is exactly the same picture I have seen in an old italian gun magazine from 1988

I am sure I have a picture of the first “picture on the top” boxes taken during an italian gun fair, as published in a Diana Armi issue.

You are right, I have noticed that the WC boxes are slightly different than LRN / TC ones, too