About GRAU index system

I’ve been documenting myself on some artillery shells and stumbled upon those GRAU indices. So far so good with them, but I’ve got some questions if you guys can help me out…

  1. Is GRAU for Russia Forces as The Ordnance Corps is for US Army? Dealing with all sorts of armament, munitions, warehousing and labeling them…
  2. There is this 100 mm APT shell (http://www.russianarms.ru/forum/index.php/topic,11074.0.html) indexed as 53-BR-412B which can be used in either 53-UBR-412B or 3UBR3 shots. I found out that there are two forms of labeling based on GRAU, the first one (i.e. 53-UBR-412B) being before 1960s while the second one (i. e. 3UBR3) is after 1960s, still in use nowadays. Is it correct what I’ve just said?
  3. Where exactly can I find a (almost) complete list of these indices? An English source would be preferable.

Thank you very much for your help!


GRAU is the Main Directorate for Rockets and Artillery and responsible for assigning index numbers .
To my knowledge, the new system of index numbers was indeed used from 1960 onwards.
If you google for “GRAU artillery” you are taken to a Wikipedia article on GRAU. I have no idea to which extent this is correct.
Considering the current hysteria in the West to declare even well known, most trivial facts as a matter of National Security, I do not think a comprehensive list of Russian index numbers is available.

Nor sorted at all and a lot to read:

GRAU INDEXES_RUSSIA.pdf (611.3 KB) Indexes of Air Defence Forces.pdf (121.6 KB) Indexes of Naval Forces.pdf (187.8 KB) Indexes of Rocket and Artillery Arms.pdf (297.1 KB) Indexes of Rocket and Space Forces.pdf (218.6 KB) Indexes of the Air Force.pdf (142.7 KB) Russian Equipment Indexes.pdf (186.4 KB) Russian GRAU Indexes.pdf (590.4 KB) Russian Indexes for all Areas.pdf (183.1 KB) Russian Indexes for Small Arms Ammo_Group 7.pdf (55.4 KB) RUSSIAN INDEXES_ALL AREAS.pdf (759.5 KB) Russian Indexes_ammunition.pdf (78.9 KB)

Most fully and actual GRAU list index and almost weekly updated

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Best one so far. Thanks!