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.32 short colt

Hi Lew thank you for your nice answer yes the word expert has to be used very carefully however there is a fact that
some people know lot more in a certain field than others As I have found out that 8+ 57 with the red tip well dutch
posted the deciding letter to convince me however for along time I suspected it myself so I scraped the red off sure
enough there was a black tip under neath thank you for sending that nice parabellum picture never seen one with
a red tip like that but it shows you anything is possible expert or not I collect since the mid 60tis and have a fair
collection,but from now on I can only suck up the knowledge dispensed by this website since I am not able to deal
with modern cameras and transfer pics over the computer it is simply to aggravating for me and believe you me there
is quite a few things that I have were I only know partially what it is and a better explication by the experts would be
desirable I wish you luck and look forward to you postings Sherryl


I’m a member of IAA, But I can not access the Buy Sell Trade area. How do I get permission to use the Buy Sell Trade area?


Quick question: Is there a way to send private messages to members on this forum? I’m not able to find it. (Unless my messaging functionality is restricted because I am a new member)


Don’t exactly know how or where to post this but I’m trying to find any information about the company in the picture.


I have joined IAA member.
But I still can’t use the BUY/Sell/Trade area.
How do I get authorization to use the BUY/Sell/Trade area?