About this ballistic chart

Hello everyone, I’m sorry to bother but I need help with this ballistic chart. Sadly my English is not good enough to deduct what do the letters MFG stand for, I will also be greatfull if you can tell me what do the letters in that column means.

Finally if you happen to possess a better chart to refer to when determining bullets calibers by weight, can you share it?

MFG = MANUFACTURER, factory that made the cartridge.


Thanks a lot, from there I can understand the rest, thanks a lot.

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My guess for mnufacturers codes would be:
CB - Cor-Bon
W - Winchester
R - Remington
C - ?
F - Federal
SB - Sellier & Bellot
Fi - Fiocci
P - Peters (?)
MT - ?
S - ?

C could be CCI and S Speer

“S” could also be Sierra or Swift,
“C” could be Cast Performance
“MT” could be MagTech……
There should be a legend attached to the chart which would provide definitive information as to the manufactures.
It would be interesting if this could be provide.

Sierra came to my mind also. But in my view the chart refers to cartridges, not bullets. My knowledge is limited, but I am under the impression that neither Sierra, Swift nor Cast Performance did make .380 Auto cartridges.

Yes JPeelen I see your point and I believe you are correct in your assessments.
I drew an incorrect conclusion that because the initials were under the bullet title along with weight and type that it was the manufacture of the bullet. It makes much more sense that it’s the manufacturer of the cartridge as it is a cartridge chart.