Absentee bidders for the 2010 St. Louis Live Auction


All of the photographs of the items are now on the website. If you have not done so, please have a look under ‘Auction’ in the 2010 St. Louis Cartridge Show section of the website. Absentee bidders have until March 15th, 2010, to either FAX or MAIL their bid sheets to me. The bid sheets are in the same auction section of the website. Do not e-mail this for to me. There is significant sensitive information on this form and we cannot guarantee the security of the internet.

Please carefully read the rules of the auction.

This year, we have managed to get a broadly diversified offering and I hope that many of you cannot live without at least some of the items. For those of you who will be at the auction, bid often and bid high. For those who cannot make it in person, don’t be shy in your bids.

We will ship the winning lots to anyone who lives in the lower 48 States (USA), where it is legal for us to do so. We will not ship to any State where it is illegal to ship ammunition into that State. Make sure of your status before you send your bid sheet in. Better yet, have a friend who will be at the auction pick it up for you.

For those of you who will be in attendance, this years auction should be a lot of fun. For those who cannot make it, I hope that we can help you make some nice additions to your collections.

Good luck and good bidding.

Will Adye-White (powdertin)
Auction Coordinator.