Abu Dhabi 9mmP

I was just putting my last two boxes of this crappy 9mm in my range bag to blow away tomorrow when I noticed they were different. The rounds in the boxes, and all the non-pictured sides, are identical. Not a difference I collect, but interesting just the same.

I have never seen the M882 marked box! Very interesting Jon. Many thanks for posting these two boxes.


It is amazing how the US ammo distribution system works. Common shooting rounds in one area are never seen in the rest of the country.

I think it boils down to different importers / distributors who bring in bulk quantities for regional distribution over the course of a few different years. At least that used to cause a lot of regional specimen difference. With most everything being listed for sale on the internet today, you can find an odd lot of import ammo anywhere, as was the case with the odd S&B 9mm white box meant for Saudi Arabia that Sportman’s Guide had a while back:


This ammunition was imported by Century Arms and both box variations were put on the market on late 2005. The one with the Norwegian certification is illustrated in its 2006 catalog.

Here is another one of more recent manufacture:

Fede - do you know the headstamp on the ammo from the box that you pictured?

Which 2006 catalog are you referring to? Norwegian, or Abu Dhabi?

John, sorry, I don’t know the headstamp but considering the lot number it may have a “10” date on it.

The Norwegian certified box is pictured in Century Arms’ February 2006 catalog, as seen below: