Access in the IAA

After one has become a paid member how long does it take to access all that the IAA has to offer? As in the resource area, B,S,T area and on? Is there a certain time period to see if i am dedicated collector or a fly by night collector?

I usually shouldn’t take long,
Let me e-mail Aaron.

Also it’s not currently automatic. For instance, for the forum BST section you have to click the link to request access and fill out the small form with your name and email that corresponds to your IAA membership. Then if I can verify you are a member (sometimes have to reach out to membership secretary) I approve access.

Thank y’all ! The b/s/t area is just part of the access that i would like to take part in.

Is there some special new icon that pops up for the resource area . Obviously i am trying to lear6 and barely aquired a email address in the past two years maybe. The technology is definitely not a positive for myself. One hand type to boot.
Thanks Philip

Hello anyone who could help or point me in the direction of. I have been trying to access the resource center . I am a paid member. Passwords, username, and email will not work in any combo of. Thank you!