Access to resource center in IAA forum

Why am I, as an IAA member, unable to access the resource center? I have been a member for about a year and a half. I have already, or so I thought, written the administrator to no avail…

I have the same issue.


I have the same issue and I think that we have to contact the webmaster, to be manually added to the authorized database users.
I tried to send him an email and a PM but, sorry far, without any success.

Same here. I have emailed him directly to no avail…

Hi @hfhubbard11 I have sent an email to the membership secretary confirming your membership and then I can get that created. Everyone else here should have access too.

Thank you sir…


I can’t access the Resource Center. I am a paid up member

I have had the same problem no matter who I contact

Hi Hal,

I have never received any request from you about the resource center, just the B/S/T access on the forum you requested last year, which you have, and various SLICS questions from you as well.

However, you have an account there already from the initial setup, I will send you info again to login.

Hi Aaron,
I also have issues connecting to the resource center. I have been a member for a number of years and recently joined the forum back in March of this year. Is there something else that is required from me to be able to connect to the resource center?

Aaron, I am still unable to access… just FYI. I know things take time but let me (us) know when it’s up and running please. V/r Henry

Hi Aaron, has there been any movement on this issue of utilizing the resource center? Thanks for your time sir…Henry

Hi Henry, please check your email again today. You should receive a link to set up a new password.

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Thank you Aaron, all set now!!

Hi Aaron,

I am still having issues accessing the resource centre like Henry did. Do I have to set up a new password as well. For some reason my password works for entering the forum but not for accessing the resource centre. Can please advise me what to do.

Thanks, Steve


I have been told to email webmaster requesting username and password to have an excess to the resource center as I have paid for membership.

I have sent 2 emails but with no response, is there any help?

I guess I need to add my name to the list. I also have not been able to access the Resource Center. Log-in just keeps telling me log-in or password is wrong (neither are wrong).
Thanks to anyone that can help!

This has been a continuing problem.
Unfortunately the members need to be verified by two people (the nature of the set-up using membership lists & the webmaster for the site.} they are not linked together so one person can not do it.

How to link them is well above my pay grade.

Another problem is uploading - unless your a techie who understands the answers of how to make your up-load visible to the public, your up-load goes only into your file.

We are paying a few dollars less than $2000.00 a year for this site and it could be a real draw for new members and old to share large amounts valuable information.

SO WE NEED VOLUNTEERS to help get this smoothed out & help those of us who are technically challenged.


After severel years i have re-joined the IAA. I think i am experiencing the same issue as described above. The members section doesn’t accept my login credentials used to access the forum. I hit the ‘forgotten password’ link, but nothing has come so far (i checked in the spam folder too).

Any help would be highly appreciated
Thanks in advance,

ABRAHAM, Same here, both of my emails to the webmaster have been ignored.
Very disappointing.