Accounting for all US bombs since WWI

Here is the story, I also did not believe my eyes when I read it!!! … 27673.html

That is incredible! What a project that must be. Very cool. Thanks!


Not using taxpayer’s money, I hope.

No government has ANY money of it’s own; whensoever they make an expenditure, it is to the tax-payer that they ultimately turn to settle the bill.

Phew … a rare venture into public controversy!

Happy collecting, Peter

Edited; shoddy turn of phrase.

Actually, the guy doing it started off on his own, just as a hobby. (Yeah, kind of weird, not normal like collecting ammo…).
Then the Air Force Historical folks decided there was some merit to it, and got him assigned there to continue working on it, so he has been at it for 6 years now. He is a Lt. Col., and apparently not yet gone nuts from doing this stuff.

There seems to be some usefulness to the data in terms of post-hostility EOD clearance operations, clues to searching for remains of MIA air crews, and apparently some merit in analyzing targeting strategies.