AccuTech USA-special composite bullets-9mm and other caliber

At SLICS 2007, I found saw a 45 ACP with a copper colored bullet with a huge HP. it was listed as an AccuTech experimental. I got home and chased them on the internet and found a website where they discussed two bullet types, both made in many calibers. I tried to call and only got a recording and no call back-still true today. I finally got an email answer back which said they do not sell bullets but only the machinery to make bullets and had no bullets to sell me!! Checked today and their website is now only a shell, with no photos. Shame cause it was cute ammo.

Has anyone got any of their ammo—especially in 9x19mm, even lose bullets would be great.

They discussed two types of bullets:

RRLP Ultra-Frangible: Wolfram-Polymer Composition) Heavy Weight Composition Capable of Producing Projectiles with the Same Weight as Lead Core Ammunition!
"A quantum leap in tactical performance"
Designs Available:.380, 9 mm, 40 S & W, .45 ACP, 357 Sig, 38 special / 357 Magnum, 5.56 mm/ .223, 7.62 x 39mm & 7.62 mm/.308

R2X2 ULTRA-FRANGIBLE: Copper-Polymer Composition Will not damage training facilities and shoot houses, causes no ricochet or reverse splatter.
Composition Capable of Producing Tactical / Training Reduced Ricochet Reduced Risk Frangible Projectiles Providing Match Grade Accuracy and Tactical Performance!
Designs Available: .380, 9 mm, 40 S & W, .45 ACP, 357 Sig, 38 Special / 357 Magnum, 5.56 mm/ .223, 7.62 mm/.308 & .50 Cal BMG.

Their address is:

Genesis GRP, LLC dba AccuTec USA
1112 Jensen Drive, Suite 212
Virginia Beach, VA 23451
: 757-428-8188
: 757-216-2939
Email :

Perhaps someone in the area can run them down!



Lew - you picked a complicated, “long story” topic that I am only going to skip over here. The only “AccuTek” cartridges I have actually seen are .45 ACP caliber 230 Grain JHP Frangible. They have a bullet very much the color of plain lead. I have the box for that cartridge (years ago, I had a partial box), as well as an empty box for ".45 ACP 133 Grain R2X2, Index R45F-X1.

I got these as a result of a meeting between a large ammunition company and the head of AccuTek, at a SHOT Show in, I think (not positive) 2002. They had no booth. I just happened to be “Johnny on the spot.”

AccuTek was initially in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The sample rounds I have, and they were just part of a sample, not serial production, were actually loaded in Starline brass for Accutek by Lancer Custom Ammunition, Inc., of Raleigh, North Carolina.

Accutec still had a website as of January 8, 2008, because I have about ten pages of information I ran off of it on that date. The only previous information I have is from 2003, with revisions as late as January 2004. The 2008 information shows the Virginia Beach address, with the company name as: Genesis GRP, LLC dba AccuTec USA. So. they are the same company.
In that literature, they were already offering sub-licenses for the manufacture of their technology. I am not sure if there was ever any real intent to manufacture the product themselves, but rather they just wanted to sell the technological package for its manuracture.

Skip to Kilgore Ammunition Products, A division of the Kilgore Flares Co., LLC, of Toone, Tennesee. Their October 2004 literature shows the AccuTek trademark for their frangible bullet ammunition, and that is continued in their January 2006 broadsheet for same.

The few Boradsheets (no complete catalog) I have from October 2006 and September 2007 no longer show the AccuTek trademark on anything, but rather show the “Sinterfire Name.”

I have no samples in my collection of anything from Kilgore that I can identify, in any caliber.

So, long story made short, I have seen only the .45 Auto round originally from AccuTek which has a gray bullet with a huge hollowpoint. I have never seen any other round attributed to AccuTek than what I have, or in collections that got this round from me when I had dupes of it left. Kilgore originally showed the AccuTek Technology in rounds available in .223, .308, 9mm, .38 special + P, .357 Magnum, .357 SIG, .40 S&W, 10mm, .45 ACP, 12-Gauge Shot and 12-Gauge Forcible Entry, with the advisory "Additional calibers available on request). They all seemed to be based on the R2X2 AccuTek design.

Hope this helps a little.

John Moss

I have a Kilgore 9mm Frangible, hst KFA 9mm, but the bullet is a Sinterfire frangible. Wish I had chased down a Kilgore load a couple of years earlier since this one if from '07.

So AccuTek probably provided bullets or the bullet machinery for Kilgore. Does anyone know somebody at Kilgore???



My info pretty much parallels John’s, but in the .50 BMG caliber.

Accutec was producing frang projos in .50 BMG at one point, I have samples. Then they handed off to Kilgore who was loading the .50 projos into ammo. Kilgore even did some in a fin-destablized frangible .50 projo.

Then Kilgore started up with Sinterfire .50 BMG frangibles, completely different projos. That’s the latest I had.

My Kilgore contact is no longer with the company.

I was looking at another subject and ran across this topic from Nov 2009. Lots of new Forum members since then.

Does anyone know additional information on AccuTeck, or any of the other companies mentioned above?

Does anyone have a Kilgore 9x19mm from before 2007? If so, what is the headstamp and load??