Ace 30 carbine packet

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I have this empty ACE packet and am curious as to what the headstamp or headstamps on these cartridges would have been. Also, any idea what decade? Thank you.

I can’t reliably date your ACE box, and there are four possibilities for headstamp.

No Headstamp
( CDM ) 30 CAR (or, you could type it on line like this: - CDM - 30 CAR, as the two lines are spacers at the 9 and 30 o’clock positions, and not parenthesis aroud the “CDM”).

The problem in dating is that both the AGUILA and the CDM headstamp were used when the company name was still Cartuchos Deportivos de México, Some calibers were to have both headstamps over the years, such as 9 mm Para. My first AGUILA 9 mm I got in 1979, presumably replacing the CDM headstamp. I have never seen, though, the CDM headstamp on, for example, .45 Auto, even though it appeared on the .44 Auto Mag cartridge. It was used in the early 1970s. Once the company changed the name to Industrias Tecnos, I think the permanent dropped the CDM headstamp.

Not knowing the date that they used the ACE name (first "ACE: box I have seen from México. A good guess might be that it was a contract for ACE HARDWARE Company in the U.S., although I don’t know that for sure - as I said, I have never seen the box until your posting), it is hard to know which of the four Carbine variations would be the correct one. It may even have been the unheadstamped one if the contract was a very small one.

Wish I could be more helpful. Great box label - I am envious - and I want to thank you for sharing it with us.

I can’t date this box either, but the price tag says $13.50
The headstamps in my box are: CDM over .30 CAR (Not full, but 48 pcs.)


Ian, I can add that this ammunition brand was owned in the United States by CDM and first used in 1967. Also, there is a variation of this brand that is named “Ace Super” and found in .22 Long Rifle, Long and Short rimfire cartridge boxes. By 1969, the latter were being imported by Krasne’s, Inc., a reloading supplies wholesaler in San Diego, California. Regards, Fede.

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John, Dan and Fede, thank you for giving some good info about the ACE packet. One thing of note is the bottom of the rear of the packet (bottom image) is printed “MANUFACTURED IN MEXICO UNDER CONTRACT WITH REMINGTON ARMS COMPANY, INC”. Would that mean Remington provided components for the assembly?

I do not know why, but I also like this packet, although it being a modern one and a little tatty.

Thank you again.

The comment about Remington Contract could mean that Remington initially received a contract for this ammunition and farmed it out to CDM. Remington had/has a financial interest in what is today Industrias Tecnos for years, since it was CDM. I don’t the percentage of the company they owned, nor if they still do. It is possible it ended when Dupont decided to get out of the ammunition business completely, and sold off Remington. These business relationships are too complicated for a simple mind like mine. The arms and ammunition business has become so intertwined, with conglomerates buying up well-known, very large companies, that you cannot tell the players without a score card anymore.

Thanks John.