Action test/salesman sample

Have a W-W 44 S & W Special blackened brass solid base round with a hollow point bullet with what looks like a blue plastic insert in the H P. Anybody have the proper name for this bullet. Is the insert just to keep the H P from being damaged from repeated use?


Gourd - I have seen a lot of Winchester black-case dummies of three types, with primer pocket and flash hole, with blind primer pocket, and with flat base like a rimfire. I have never seen one with any plastic insert in the HP. We used these dummies all the time at the store, by the way, to teach newbies how to load a gun, to check magazines for function, and even to demonstrate speed loaders for revolvers. I also used them in shotgun for checking to see if a magazine was plugged or not, in accordance with Fish and Game laws. I don’t know why the bullet point of a revolver dummy would need protecting. Of course, they do have some lever action rifles in .44 MAG/.44 SPL, but I know in CAS you seldom see one. Interesting. Does it look factory done, or could someone have added it?