Action Time Data

Does anyone have any data on all small cal ammunition for action time? - 7.62x39, 556, 762 NATO, 9mm, etc.

Jay, assuming you are looking for measured test data this seems to be hard to come by. But here is one test report on M856 (see page 33 for action time data):

And not sure if these will help or not, but here you go. First one mentions the test facilities that do the EPVAT test for action time, etc. No actual facilities listed, but perhaps the authors would share that. The other doc is the MIL SPEC for testing the M855.

Thanks guys. Really looking more for the Eastern block ammo - is it similar or different to NATO?

It looks to me as if the (former) Warsaw Pact did not generally test ammo for action time. Except, I assume, for use in synchronized aircraft guns
The U.S. specification C50701 for 7.62x39 Ball specified 4 ms, which is the value generally used since Cal. 30 times. 4 ms is quite generous, considering a typical action time of about 1.5-2 ms.
Nominal action time for 7.62x54R is about 1.9 ms, for 7.62x39 about 1.3 ms, according to pressure/time diagrams I once saw.

P.S. As far as I know, no action time was specified for 5.56 mm M193/M196. For M855 the definition was changed (to gas port instead of muzzle) and a value of 3 ms specified.

Edit: No action time was specified for .45 M1911 or 9 mm M882.