Adapters & Auxilliary Cartridges

Are you getting tired of talking about headstamp variations of the 7.59 x 32 Lugash pistol cartridges? I know that I am. So, how about them Adapters & Auxilliary Cartridges? Here’s a few from my collection to get it started. Show us yours.

l to r

45ACP and unknown adapter to 45-70
Marbles 32 S&W to 30-06
Marbles 22LR to 22 Savage HP
Marbles 32 Short Colt to 30-30
Zip 300 Savage
Hoffer-Thompson 22RF
Millineaux to 303 Brit
S&W 22LR to 22 CFM



How does the Zip 300 Savage work?



One photo and directions :

[i]Insert base of bullet (1) into front end of chamber (2) and press in as far as it will go. Be sure that bullets are properly seated.

Insert blank cartridge (3) in bore and behind bullet.

Screw the chamber (2) into the base (4) and place into the magazine or chamber of your rifle.

Warning! When chamber is loaded treat it as you would treat a regular round of high powered ammunition.


Use a steel plate at least 1/8 of an inch thick or a husky log for a backstop when firing indoors.[/i]

I believe the Zip Chambers came in a kit consisting of a chamber, 50 bullets, and the correct number of blank cartridges.


Lol! me too !

22 Hornet to 22-250

I am looking for a .410 to 32ACP . Will also consider other calibers other than 32acp…anyone know of any makers ?? mca said they can not make one ??

I’ve dug deep and found these 4 adaptors the first 3 take the 4mm Practice M20 (Ubungsmunition) as far as I can tell, or to put it another way they don’t take a .22 rf.

9mm for comparison. Having only been able to measure the lenght of the far right one, 47mm my calipers battery ran out so I have no other info. I’ve no idea what cal they are at the moment.

Agree with Ray on the Lugash pistol…and with JP’s LOL…Here are some .30-40 Krag aux cartridges…
Left to right:
Sectioned Winchester 30 CALIBER U S ARMY / 32 S&W SMOKELESS
Winchester 30 CALIBER U S ARMY / 32 S&W-32 SHORT COLT Tinned
Winchester 30 CALIBER U S ARMY / 32 S&W SMOKELESS Nickeled
Winchester 30 CALIBER - ARMY / 32 S&W SMOKELESS Nickeled
Marble’s #157, 30-40 / 32 AUTO
Marble’s #155, 30-40 / 32 S&W
Another Marble’s 30-40 / 32 AUTO with different lettering

Also…the Zip Chambers are as Ray stated…the bullets and .22 blanks came in a box with 50 each…go to Gary Reusze’s site to see a full box…the chambers themselves were sold separately for each caliber.

Here’s an 11.4x53 Brazilian Comblain (or so I’m told). The 22LR is just for scale. I’m not sure what it really shoots.

[quote=“Hendere”]Here’s an 11.4x53 Brazilian Comblain (or so I’m told). The 22LR is just for scale. I’m not sure what it really shoots.

This sure looks like a " whisper " cartridge. For indoor / salon shooting. Using a round lead ball and a few grains of powder. This same type of construction can be found on the 45/70 whisper cartridges. M. Rea

Here is another interesting Auxiliary Cartridge. This is for a .303 British. It is sort of like a mini bolt action rifle and takes a .22 Long Rifle cartridge in the rear. I am told “EFD” indicates manufacture by Enfield. It is black in color and made of steel.

Here is a proper adaptor!

.55 Boys auxilliary chamber for firing .22LR. The adaptor is rifled and the small “breechblock” (left) has a rimfire pin which is struck by the main firing pin.

This one is Canadian but they were also made in the UK.