Adcom 9x19 D shock

I saw at a police show this cartridge in 9 x 19 mm

if someone want, I have technical data about this round.

Thanks for posting this. Do you have any idea what the headstamp was on these cartridges???

The technical data would be appreciated!

I would like to see the technical data also, especially if it is a scan of factory material.

John Moss

this is the technical data about some cartridge of ADCOM.

Very interesting material. Thanks for posting it.

The bullet in the AP load looks like those made by Athena, 3 Rue Johannas Kepler, 78190 Trappes Cedex, France. The previous loads with this bullet I have encountered were in MEN cases.

I wish there was a better view of the frangible bullet so it was possible to see something of the material used.

The Shock bullets look like they have a gray plastic tip and the jacket description implies that it is a GM jacket with a epoxy & powdered metal core and a plastic tip.

Does anyone have any information on the construction of this bullet? Who made it???

Again, thanks for sharing this information.

From the website:
D-Shock rounds are engineered to expend maximum energy into soft targets, turning the density mass into an expanding rotational cone of Tungsten composite fragmented particles, causing neurological collapse to the central nervous system. It is capable for inside-the-aircraft antiterrorism operations & Law Enforcement Forces or Special Operations Forces.


Samourai tells me that ADCOM bought the machinery from Athena and is making the AP bullets themselves.

excuse me
cartridge are a copy of anthena who are died !
and the machinery are sold in france but it is not anthena I search wich company for to have a good information.