ADCOM ammo

Does anybody know what is going on with Adcom lately? I never see any of their surplus stuff for sale in the aftermarket anymore. Are they strictly doing current military contract stuff and steering clear of commercial market stuff?

Here is the latest I have. Looks like it is mostly stuff that can’t be imported!

According to the product info they handed out on the EUROSATORY in summer they also do some match ammo (7.62x51) and stuff like .380 Auto.

Thanks Lew, I actually saw that advert for Adcom from a post by samurai exactly one year ago on Nov 1st. I was wondering if they were still doing this stuff, and I suppose they are but only to L.E. and military. I noticed that you said it look close to something made by Athena in France, but I couldn’t find any info on them. Adcom doesn’t keep a website anymore apparently either.

No surprise about a possible connection between ANTHENA (not Athena!) as ADCOM, my friend Mr. Ren

If forgot to tell that, at the present date, ADCOM is only selling its products to Governments and L.E. agencies.