Additional 45 ACP questions

Being under 21 day lock down gives one some extra spare time to play with cartridges. Following on with the 45 ACP, I need some help with identification please:
45 ACP R-P 2 FULL a 45 ACP R-P 2 FULL 3a 45 ACP R-P 3 FULL a 45 ACP R-P 4 FULL a 45 ACP REM UMC 4 FULL a
First, third and fourth specimens some type of Glaser type? The second one I assume is some metal piercing bullet. Last specimen is marked riot load and has a hollow GM jacket with shot. First 4 all R–P 45 ACP with riot load REM-UMC 45 ACP.

45 ACP RA 53 45 ACP RA 53 FULL 45 ACP RA 53a Shot Load

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Your numbers 1,& 3 appear to be Glaser. #4 may also be but I don’t think so. #2 may be an Arcane, did you check with a magnet? The #5 if you shake it you should feel the ball in the tip move / rattle, if not, it’s not.

The R A 53 I also have, but don’t remember & haven’t gotten around to recording it, so no help here.

I also have the identical shot cartridge, R A 53 in my own collection. Not sure who actually loaded them.

Number one may be a Glaser. If so, it is a fairly early one. I have two specimens with similar deep-seated or short bullet, not sure which as have never disassembled one. However, the nose plug, also blue in mine, is flatter in each one of mine, with one larger diameter than the other, and both larger than the blue nose plug of the one you show. I think Number 4 is a Cor-Bon Power Point load, not a Glaser safety slug. Mine has a W-W headstamp. Mine, however, has a very dark grey tip filler, almost black so may be yours is an early Cor-Bon made Glaser, after they bought out the Glaser Company.

The pointed one may be some form of French Arcane. Is the bullet turned on a lathe-like instrument? Mine is a non-magnetic bullet, and is not as sharp at the point as is yours. It has a flat meplat, but a very tiny one. Yours appears to be “Needle sharp.” Mine is in a W-W case, but then you can likely find any of the Arcane rounds in various commercial cases; whatever was available to them at the time.

I think Pete was pretty much right on in his ID of these rounds.

John Moss.

The Blue and Silver tips, middle and next to right, are definitely Glaser Safety Slugs, blue has number 6 shot, silver has number 12 shot- I have shot a few and use those in my personal carry weapon.
I am not sure what the far left is, I do not believe it to be Glaser…

Daan and John,
I remember a PowRBall that looked like #4 also.

I think it’s a Cor-Bon cartridge now, so maybe the Power Point load John is thinking.
Let us know what you decide!

Dan, I want to remind everyone once again that I am colourblind, and the one the right of the Blue Tip Glaser still looks ‘silver’ to me… and I had the shot sizes backwards.

Edited to add the front of an early Pre-Corbon Glaser label, (smudge marks are from .308 Winchester Blue Tip rounds):