Advanced Ballistic Concepts "Multi-Impact Bullet"

12 Ga special purpose self defense.

WOW - I have not seen this level of functional bullet gadgetry in a long time, if ever. That they are also doing it in .45acp and 9x19 is impressive.

There appear to be 2 relevant patents associated with this load, one from which the design idea was drawn from:

and the direct patent for this projectile:

I would also point out that this company has neatly avoided Illinois’ and Florida’s laws which prohibit “Bolo shells” since those laws dictate that the projectiles must be connected by “solid metal wire”, while Advanced Ballistic Concepts appears to be using more of a Kevlar / Spectra tether on the central spool.

Here is a video found online of a computer-generated bullet in action:

and by the date of 2011 on that video, it appears that this has been in development for a few years, only to have shown up at SHOT show 2012 where the proprietor was shopping the technology to larger manufacturers but ultimately went into business for themselves sometime in 2013.

Wow that looks like it would cause nasty wounds…

Given that the fragments would be what would be doing the actually killing, though, I have my doubts as to its effectiveness.

[quote=“Tau”]Wow that looks like it would cause nasty wounds…
Given that the fragments would be what would be doing the actually killing, though, I have my doubts as to its effectiveness.[/quote]
On the home page and near the bottom they claim the 12ga “fully lethal” version will penetrate 12" to 16" and the segments should be decent size in that case coming from a slug of that size. For the .45acp, on the link for that product when you click on the 10 pack for the fully-lethal version, it claims an FBI gelatin penetration test ability of 14". The fragments would be smaller, but it would probably be something like getting hit with 3x .32 caliber projectiles at once, or 3x #1 buckshot.

I like these rds for the new pocket gun stuff like the Heizer “Double Tap” where you only have 2 shots, you don’t want to miss, so this would be good for those guns.

We’ll just say I seriously doubt those numbers.

I sense that these are just the sort of rds that will soon be tested at places like Box-o’-truth, brassfetcher, and on Youtube in general.

I received some of the 12ga multi-impact bullet shells (the Mi-4 Pulse “Lethal” version), and also some of the Mi-3 Pulse .45acp rds in both semi-lethal “Stunner” and Lethal “Stopper”. Their nomenclature is a little complicated.

Below are a bunch of photos of all the cartridges and expanded projectiles. These must be hand made, and boggle my mind as to how much labor must go into building each one. I’m sure they have a process, but still… The projectiles are all cast lead, and the .45acp showed differences in grain weight for the complete projectile from 191gr on the lethal payload to 111gr on the semi-lethal payload. The outer dimensions of the 2 bullets are the same, and it is the inner cavity that is slightly different on them, as well as a possible difference in Antimony to lead content which accounts for the weight difference. There was no “spool” as shown in their literature which the tethers wrap around, and instead the Kevlar tethers were just bundled around a central knot. A patent of 8141493 is printed on all the boxes.

On my .45acp “lethal” version, the Kevlar tethers were gummed up into the nose plug so hard that I didn’t dare tear them apart, and I assume the force of being shot would probably unwind these and obliterate the silicone nose plug. The lethal version has a red silicone nose plug, and the semi-lethal version is yellow. The brass is all commercial so the headstamps are nothing new. I did like how the 12ga slugs have the company logo cast into the tip of the central slug though.

The literature and printing on the box makes note of how the .45acp cartridges are “99.9% compatible” with existing pistols, and I believe they are referring to how these might not function in revolvers which can accommodate them using moon clips such as the S&W Governor. This, due to the gap between the cylinder and barrel whereas this expansive paylod might jam up in that area or cause undue wear to the forcing cone.

.45acp lethal “stopper” dissected:

Here is the .45acp “stopper” profile before dissection. there is a small bit of Kevlar fiber around the payload to hold it together, but this blows off during firing:

A close-up of the 3 “stopper” projectiles, they weighed from 60.5gr to 62gr:

Here is the base of the .45acp “stopper” payload showing the Kevlar tethers cast neatly into each piece:

A close-up of the top of the .45acp “stopper”:

Here is a shot of the .45acp semi-lethal “stunner” and the lethal “stopper” - the stopper is at right, the stunner at left:


This is the packaging for the 2 types which come 10 to a box. The retail price is $50.00 per box plus shipping, so these cartridges are just over $5.00 a piece:

Here are the 2 .45acp projectile type with the “stopper” on the left. They look roughly the same before dissection:

Here is the 12ga “stopper”. the 3 projectile sections which fit together weighed 200.5gr, 202gr, and 205.5gr. The central slug weighed 120gr and the whole payload weighed 734gr including the Kevlar tether in the core. Note the blue plugs at the base which is something used to anchor the Kevlar tethers:



Here are the 3 fitted side portions of the projectile and the central slug after separation. The central slug fits neatly into the 3 fitted side portions:

Here is the spread of the 12ga projectiles on the floor. The tape measure is reading 28" and it is probably 26" diameter for the payload. The central slug looks small at this range and is laying near the center. The tethers on this payload unfurled cleanly since there is no silicone nose plug:

To me, the design seems to be a modern evolution of both the Rice patent, and the Nowlan patent, but neither patent number is referenced in the citations section of the patent for this product:

Very interesting post Matt. Are you tempted to try shooting a few?

I’m thinking of making a wet paper-mache dummy to shoot one of each into. I wanted to see how the string reacts to a man-size target and how deep the fragments go.

" Are you tempted to try shooting a few?"

That was my first thought on seeing these loads.
Don’t be too far from the target.

This will be interesting to see if the concept works .


Hi Matt and all,
As a former Police Department Firearms trainer I am wondering about the SEMI LETHAL designation. Does it HALF kill you? I am sure that the lawyers will have a field day with that one. Will the classes be Lethal, Semi Lethal and Less Lethal?

A few days ago I received from a collector 2 specimens of the .45acp Multi-Impact load which was entirely different from everything I had previously seen. The projectile was still divided into thirds, but the ogive was different, and there was a lead ball in the nose cavity instead of a colored silicone plug. The brass was the same I have previously seen on their “semi-lethal” version, being Top Brass brand.

Version I already had at left, newly received version at right:


The total projectile payload weight is 143.5gr, and shares the same petal design, and construction method of seeming to have the Kevlar tethers cast into the base of each segment. The lead ball is loose, but held in place so long as the band of Kevlar around the three segments is not removed. I was told that this was perceived to be a “4th generation” version from Advanced Ballistic Concepts, according to the collector’s source, but I have only ever noticed 2 versions including this one. I first purchased some of this ammo back in November of 2013 when it was first released, and then again I purchased more in March of 2014, both times it was the previously described variation from earlier in this thread.

I presume the presence of the lead ball is for two reasons; to improve feeding in auto-pistols, and to avoid the issue of the inner tethers becoming stuck in the silicone as I had found on one projectile I had dissected previously. This lead ball turns the payload into a quadruplex, technically speaking.

The tethers cast into the base did not appear as neat as the previously dissected type, and appear to have some lead in the holes so that the yellow Kevlar cord is not exposed at the base. They were possibly stuffed into the holes after the segments were first cast, and this might be true for the earlier known version as well:

The dissected projectile. The ball was not perfectly spherical, and had scratches and one flat spot. I did find that I could manipulate the ball around in the top of the projectile by poking it before I even pulled the bullet, and this could either expose, or hide the flat spot.

Did you ever manage to get examples of the boxes for the semi-lethal loads?

In the 12ga - yes Falcon, I did a while back. The yellow version. Their website had made mention of a non-lethal / less-lethal version which was to be in a green box, but it has not come out yet, if ever.

Just an update for Advanced Ballistic Concepts: They have been “under redevelopment” for several months now, and I am not sure where they are headed in terms of production. Could be an ownership change, or might never be back, who knows.

There are only a couple retail websites online showing their product for sale (there were never more than a handful to begin with), and the best price on their 10-packs of .45acp Multi-Impact ammo is here, at $40:

The parent website - just has a message up about redevelopment, but no details

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For the record here are two advertising/information cards from Multiple Impact Bullet:

First card, front.& back.

Second card, front.& back


Thanks for sharing!

Over the years some ads indicate this round was offered in 9x19mm but I have not found an image of one, nor heard of an example, nor found them offered for sale.

The closest I have come it the drawing below which indicates G2 was working with the concept.

Has anyone seen one of these 9mm MNi-3 "Stopper: or “Stunner” loads???