Advanced Shooting Products- South Africa

A few months ago I became aware of Advanced Shooting Products out of Johannesburg, South Africa. They are sort of similar to the likes of Lehigh Defense, Peregrine Bullets, or Impala Bullets in that they specialize in solid copper and solid brass projectiles turned from lathes, and meant either to expand or penetrate in the self-defense role. They were actually featured in a blog post on The Firearms Blog back in August of this year, but I presume the product went largely unnoticed since they have zero availability in the U.S. with no known ammo manufacturer importing their projectiles. Also strange is that A.S.P. has no website (that I could find), and only has a Facebook page, but they do update that frequently.

They have 3 basic products, the “SME-C” or Single Metal Expanding Copper projectile, the “SMJHP-C” or Single Metal Jagged Hollow Point Copper projectile, and a solid brass “THV-B” clone. The SMJHP and the SME types are often listed without the “C” since those types only come available in copper anyway.

The SMJHP is outwardly identical to the solid copper projectile in the G2 Research “Civic Duty” loads (manufactured by Maker bullets), with its 6-petal design of pointy segments meant to expand to a maximum potential diameter for the given caliber it is loaded into. The SME is more complex, and is an 8-segmented solid copper expander with a ball-bearing nestled into the cavity which is meant to force the projectile segments open uniformly upon penetration into soft targets. On the .45acp and .44mag SME projectiles I have, the bearings are steel, while the 9mm version seems to probably be aluminum, or non-ferrous at least. The segments on the SME are also flat chisel-tips, unlike the pointy sort on the SMJHP. Lastly, the THV clone they are producing looks mostly identical to the ones that Ramrod used to make in South Africa, but after comparing their .45acp bullet to an older Ramrod version which I already had - they are a little bit different in a couple ways. I presume this A.S.P. version is probably based on earlier South African THV clones like those from Ramrod.

A.S.P. doesn’t really sell anything direct-to-retail outside of South Africa but they informed me that they are looking for vendors and manufacturers in the Western hemisphere. It wouldn’t be unheard of since I am aware of Peregrine providing projectiles to Discreet Ballistics in New Hampshire for their subsonic SCHP .300BLK and .308 loads.

Here is some of their product line, and a few projectiles loaded into cases to show what they look like. The .25acp is a nasty pointy little thing which causes me to wonder how it does in feeding in some .25acp pistols. The plastic containers below are all projectiles-only, and the price lists I have from them indicate that they are in the projectile business only, not loaded ammo.

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I noticed in a recent Facebook photo post from A.S.P. that they show some new truncated solid brass and truncated solid copper projectiles in a mixed group of loaded pistol calibers. They look similar to the Impala brass projectiles of this same sort, but I couldn’t find any data or mention of them anywhere on the A.S.P. website.