Advertisement by Explosia (Czech Republic)

At the last IWA show I noticed this nice advertisement by Explosia from the Czech Republic.
The company is in business since 1920 and best know for it’s “Semtex” plastic explosive.

As a male EOD I really liked all aspects of their advertisement! (I can see feminist and PC folks panicking now - good!)


That is totally effin’ COOL!
I want… no… I NEED that poster!
Any chance you managed to sneak out with a copy???

Jack it was more of a large sign as the size was about 6x9 ft.

Could it be hat it should have been Sexplosia?

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At least I can see 2 bombs there!

I like the Jules Verne “Nautilus” style and the factory below/in the background.

6’x9’, wow, even BETTER! Want it even more now!!