Advice needed on Spanish Museums and ammo sites

I am going on a car ride from Ourense to Barcelona, then Valencia, then back to Galicia at the end of July. I’ve never been to Spain. Since this site is visited by people who either live in Europe or have vastly superior travel experience than mine, I’ll be glad to get any info on historical places in Spain (along my route).


Don’t know if this is along your travel route but here is a suggestion, photos and info from the web-

Museo Historico Militar de Cartagena
"Army Museum

The Military Museum of Cartagena, inaugurated on June 11, 1997, is located in the historic building of the Royal Park and Artillery Maestranza, headquarters of the successive Coast Regiments that, with different denominations, have settled in Cartagena. The origins of the building date back to the second half of the eighteenth century.
With an exhibition area of ​​3,520 m2, it is divided into thematic rooms distributed over two floors, reflecting in them the heterogeneity of the Army, its peculiarity and the diversity of its funds. The tour begins with the cannon room, which shows one of the most numerous and important artillery collections of the twentieth century in Spain. In it we can see coast guns, antiaircraft, campaign, mountain and against car. Below is the ammunition room, with a wide and varied range of projectiles and fuzes and the anti-aircraft artillery room, with pieces representative of the evolution of this since the Civil War to the present day. "


Hello Vlad.
I am from Spain. I live in the north of Spain.
You can visit Eibar weapon Museum.
If you need something yo can write me a MP
I can tell you place to visit, eat…
You should visit my city (Santander).

Best regards.


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This is an interesting museum about Spanish Civil War


The 2nd one is right on my way between Barcelona and Valencia, thanks.

North of Barcelona there is a very cool town called Girona. Game of Thrones did a lot of filming there. I really enjoyed exploring this town. look it up on Inet. After this we went tot he Coast and enjoyed a great lunch and swim. Spain is beautiful and there are many many historic towns and sites worth seeing.

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