Advice wanted Winchester Western Cartridge Boxes

I need some help from someone who is knowledgeable on Winchester and Western 22 and shotshell boxes. Have the opportunity to purchase a couple of different boxes but I’m unsure as to price and rarity because normally don’t buy boxes from this era. Most of my stuff is 40’s - 60’s and 22 boxes.

Winchester 22 Long box looks like the 1906 issue lesmoke LR-22 box sealed. Looks like the one on page 119 of Richard Rains book.

Western Field two piece waterproof 20 ga 2 1/2 inch No. 7 shot with the quail in the grass on cover. Box is sealed and appears to be in almost mint condition

Winchester Ranger with dog on point in 20ga 2 1/2 inch No. 10 shot. Box is very good condition and full.

I will see about getting some photos later in the week. Also curious on the history of the availability on the No.10 shot because this is the first one I have seen.


The shotshell boxes should have a number code(Winchester) or number and letter (Western) stamped on them somewhere that indicates the day the box was loaded. If you post these codes perhaps we can help you date them.

The 22LR box probably has a punched hole code on the box which is much more difficult to read. If you post a 2x or 3x image of the box which includes the code, we may be able to find someone who can give some idea of the year it was loaded.

Many of us are going the the St Louis International Cartridge Show this week so it will likely be after Easter before anyone can work this.


Thanks Lew

I don’t have the boxes available right now to look at so I cant get a date code. Best I can do is just the two overall photos that I took. If need be I will see about getting a date code but it might be a while before I can. I have done some looking online and have found similar ones but I havent any luck in finding the Ranger in No.10 shot size.