AEP 7.65 Br box

Need help with box code and date of box.
AEP box.
7.65 Br.
Box code 26652
AEP 7.65 Br c
AEP 7.65 Br AEP 7.65 Br a AEP 7.65 Br b

The 22652 appears to have been printed on the label rather than stamped on the label later. If so it isn’t a date code since new labels would have to be printed for each day’s production. I suspect it is an identification or product number for this specific label.

I could be wrong since I am not looking at the actual box. Does this number look like it was stamped after the label was printed?

I have a number of AEP labels, most appear to be commercial, and none have a similar number. I suspect they are all later than your box above.

Sorry I can’t help.