AEP Box Insert

I opened a sealed box of AEP 6.35 mm auto pistol cartridges to check the headstamps which are large letters size
A at 12, E at 4 and P facing out at 8 (with serifs). Domed copper primer and cn fmj.
The interesting item with box is the paper insert i found neatly folded inside the box.
It measures 3 1/4 (8.5cm) x 6 3/4 (17cm). It is what I describe as parchment paper.
and is advertising AEP 380 ammunition.
Can someone translate and put a approximate date on this box and insert.
Bob Ruebel

Hi Bob, the illustration of a cartridge headstamped “AEP 32” and “AEP 380” is shown in ads published between 1911 and 14. The following is a Spanish ad dated June, 1913 (next year the company was represented in Spain by Thieme & Edeler).

Regarding the insert, this is the best translation I can work out:

Automatic Repeating Pistol
A hunting adventure in Central Africa
The BAYARD pistol saves the life of a buffalo hunter.

Among all pistols in existence today, the “BAYARD” has the best attributes of a defense and full trust gun.
To a potent caliber in a reduced size, the “BAYARD” pistol brings together an accurate operation and a maximum containment power*, being because of this the ideal of an automatic pistol, easily portable.

Weigth: 0.460 kg
Dimensions: 120 x 85 x 24 m/m
Only one size in cal. 7.65 and 9 m/m

For sale in the major gun stores.[/b]

  • It makes no much sense in Spanish either. Likely poorly translated from French.



This is the story about the hunter and the buffalo mentioned in a c. 1923 catalog:

Is anyone aware of a connection between the Gebruder Webendorfer “the Bayard” trademark used on ammunition marketed in Australia and the Bayard pistol or AEP?