Aerojet 30mm PGU-14/B DU display item


I had noticed this Aerojet Ordnance & Manufacturing Co. display for sale last week on Ebay, and I told one other collector about it whom I had promised to keep an eye out for such things. The item is now sold, and I was wondering if anyone knew the rarity or value of such a display item? It actually has a “radioactive” sticker on the bottom as I assume there is a slight amount of residual radiation from the penetrator. Would there have been many of these made? I assume there were only anywhere from 1 to 6 of these things made for military shows meant for contractors to show off their wares to to NATO or the U.S. government, etc…?


I had an identical item at one time, one of several ordnance display items from a retired Aerojet executive.