Afghan 7.62x39 R (3-line revolver cartridge Model of 1895)

Regenstreif mentions in his first book on Soviet SAA an Afghan (Herat) made 7.62x39R revolver cartridge (commonly known as 7.62mm Nagant Revolver).

Are there any details available on this cartridge or can anybody provide images?


As far as remember, this round figures in the Woodin Collection, where I saw it in 1982.

Bill brought it himself many years ago when he drove back from Asia to Western Europe with his family… He also found ther a quite “funny” 8x50R Lebel round… amidst other rare birds… All were made locally in Herat by local “armorers”, using uncredible tools and metal scrap…


I have a couple of odd rounds that spec to somewhere between 8mm Lebel and 7.62 Nagant. They appear to be handmade and hand stamped. I will try to find them and post some pics. They might be what you are describing.

Stuka and Jon, yes, it seems we are talking about the same things.
It would be great to see these oddities.

Any news regarding images?

Have to find the rounds first.