Afghan-made ammunition

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I am working on a research article examining Martini-Henry rifles, and the subject of Afghan-made cartridges has come up.

According to contemporary sources, the Kabul Arsenal produced small-calibre ammunition. It appears they produced .577 Snider cartridges, and it seems likely that they produced .577-450 as well.

Does anyone have information or (particularly) images regarding ammunition produced in Afghanistan that they can share? I should note that it is of course possible that such cartridges were produced without headstamps.

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I have a Pakistani made 577/450. Khyber pass most likely

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I’d certainly be interested in seeing it. I have seen a couple of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa region cartridges marked with multiple ‘S’ symbols, and another with multiple asterisks.

See this thread for one discussed on the BOCN.

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In 1896 the Kabul arsenal was turning out 10,000 Snider and Martini Henry cartridges per day.
See my article on this arsenal in the journal #520.

Jim Buchanan


That’s my casing haha, for The time I had no clue.

Interestingly, 1870s Afghan-made .577 Snider cartridges used drawn-brass cases.

If anyone has a copy of Hoyem Vol. 2 (or other sources which mention Afghanistan), please get in touch. Mine is in a box on another continent!

Jim, I intend to cite your article in the piece I am working on. It would be good to be in touch.


No problem
my email is in the IAA directory.