AFN on 7.62x51 ctg


Have a 7.62x51 ball ctg brass primer, 3 piont crimped, green p.a., brass case, gmcs bullet jacked with headstamp " AFN 7.62 86" at 12, 8, 4, o- clock. Who made it? Country? Thanks, Jan.


Conventional wisdom holds that these are Nigerian.


O.F.N. is Nigeria, cartridge headstamp has a complete different layout. Can’t find a link between the two ctg. Can’t check it inside, have only one AFN ctg. Do you have a link? Thanks, Jan


These AFN rounds are Nigerian, or at least the examples I have seen are on Nigerian made stripper clips.

Why they changed the code to AFN, I don’t know?


Thanks, that’s a link, I classefie them as Nigerian, additional information is welkom. Wishes, Jan.


The headstamp “OFN 7.62 73” and “AFN 7.62 86” are absolutely identical bunters except for the substitution of “A” for “O” on the latter. The numbers are identical in form, and all entries are the same size and format. I am looking at pictures of both headstamps as I write this (courtexy of George Kass).

Also, and this is from memory so with an old guy like me not as reliable as the headstamp comparison, the box label for the “AFN” headstamp, which I have a picture of in front of me, appears identical in layout, style of print and wording to boxes I used to have years ago for the “OFN” ball and blank ammo, except for the substitution of the letters “AF” (no “N”) for “OFN.”

I suspect that the “AFN” stands for “Ammunition Factory Nigeria” but have no substantiation of this. Whatever it stands for, it is clear that the name change took place sometime between 1973 and 1986, although that is as close as I can pin it down, since I don’t collect this caliber of ammunition.


Looking thru my 7.62 x 51mm file, I found a copy of the 1970 box label for 7.62 NATO from Ordnance Factory Nigeria. As I remembered, aside from the lot number (10-70) and “OFN” on the label, it is identical in format and wording to the “AF” label for the AFN-headstamped ammunition. I also remembered having an “OFN” .303 when I collected .303 British, and while the collection is gone, I kept records on it and found there was a .303 headstamp “77 OFN 303” so we now know that the change from “OFN” to “AFN” took place between 1977 and 1986 - closing a little in on it from my previous reply.

there is simply no question that “AFN” is Nigerian.

John Moss


Thanks all of you, I’m convinced. I compare with an other style of headstamp
"7.62x51 O.F.N. 21-70 or 33-69 or 10-71 or 10-70" on 12 and 6 o clock, I’ve nothing else to compare from Nigeria.
Wishes, Jan


OFN (Ordnance Factory Nigeria)
AFN (Ammunition Factory, Nigeria)
AF (Ammunition factory)

Are all (in temporal sequence) headstamps used by the Kaduna factory in Nigeria. Originally set up with German Equipment ( Fritz Werner machines) the technology reflects its origin, the cartridges are virtual copies of German produced 7,62 Nato ammo, as to Primer seal colour, primer stake crimps, headstamp Fonts, etc.

The factory made both .303 and 7,62 Nato ball and Blank ammo.

The Information regarding “Kaduna” comes from the internal Crate label; details on the individual packets are very simple ( "20 Cartridges, calibre, “OFN” and date.). Blanks are marked “Star” (crimp).

Change from “OFN” to “AFN” occurred in 1984 or 5; I have Blanks (Long, star crimp style) of 1982/3 with “OFN” on them, and 1986 “AFN” Ball cases.

Doc AV
AV Ballistics.