Again Help.. Lines On Head Stamp


Has anybody ideas why this head stamp has lines on it, currently at 10 & 4 O’Clock on the picture. Not something I am familiar with! Didn’t spot it at first until I realised it was going through the “R” as well as between the W & G.



According to some German collectors, these lines were reload markings used by Klaus Mayer KG of Arnsberg, West Germany who operated in the c1980-1985 period. They are known on vom Hoff cases (5.6x61, 7x66 & 7x75R) which were identified by stamping two long lines 180 degrees apart on the hs and aren’t always in the same position relative to the original headstamp markings.



That’s interesting, first time I have heard of that one, thank you.



Hi Brad,

I think that someone came to that conclusion after finding cartridges with these marks in Mayer boxes, but you can find them as well in boxes by other manufacturers (e.g., 5.6x61 by Hirtenberger Patronenfabrik). In any case, I don’t have any other explanation.




That’s interesting Fede - I haven’t seen these come from HP or MAYER boxes but only as single items for sale. Perhaps Mayer or someone else used these boxes where available ? Perhaps HP produced the markings upon reloading instead?

One thing I have not been able to clarify for certain is how you identify between Norma and HP headstamps for vom Hofe production of 5.6x61, 7x66 & 7x75R. The IWK,Romey/Bertram and Horneber examples are marked but the Norma and HP appear the same with maybe slight letter spacing differences ??

Do you have any images of a HP box that contained 5.6x61 (or any other vom Hofe caliber) that were all marked with the 180 degree slashes ?

I also have never seen a MAYER (MAYER & SOHN or MAYER’S format) box that contained vom Hofe calibers - has anyone?


For what it’s worth, I have a NUPE Gehmann 7x66 with those marks. On closer examination, it has been necked up to 30-caliber.


Brad, I only have pictures of a HP 5.6x61 box showing its contents, but they also made loaded cartridges in 7x66 and 7x75R (I have pictures of boxes only). All three were announced in 1983, and it seems that it was a special run made exclusively for W. Gehmann, because I can’t find them listed in HP catalogs.


Now I’m starting to wonder if only HP cases have these marks.

Here is a picture of a Mayer box in 7x66 (unknown contents). By the way, I should clarify that, although often referenced as “Klaus Mayer”, his full name is Karl Klaus Mayer.




Thanks for this Fede - raises more questions but that’s great !


Mike, can you post a picture of the cartridge? It would help a lot knowing if this is a HP loading.


Fede, as requested this is what I have. As I stated in the other post, to my knowledge all of these are inert.