Age of 6mm Flobert tin

I was given this RWS 6mm Flobert tin today by someone at the place where I shoot. It was empty apart from one fired 6mm Flobert case when I got it. How old is it?

AS a GUESS, I repeat GUESS, I’d say from the olden days of the 1950’s or 1960’s.

Well, I am going to get tossed off the Forum for this one. Me, who doesn’t know a rimfire from an anti-aircraft shell doubting an entry by my friend Pete Decoux. I think I am in trouble already.

Pete - do you really think this could date from the 1950s with the Utendoerffer name on it, and no mention on the lid of R.W.S. (Rheinisch Westf

RWS is mentioned on the back of the tin (wouldn’t come out in a photo). It says “RHEIN. WEST. SPRENGSTOFF ACT-GES. vorm. H.UTENDOERFFER in NUNBERG” and “Unfehlbar von reineraizfreier Zundmasse”. Google cannot translate the second part. This is around the edge of the base of the tin.

In the centre of the base there is a picture of a woman holding something (cxan’t tell what) sitting in front of Greek columns. Underneath her it says “BAVARIA”. Either side of her there is a gold circle, one on the left with a picture I can’t make out, and the other on the right with “1862 LONDINI HONORIS CAU?A” The “?” being a letter I can’t see because the decal has peeled away in places with time.

There is also the reamins of a paper label on the side which says “Rostfrei Zundmasse”. There is also “von vorzuglichster Gute. mit kraftiger gleichmassiger Ladung ohne Versager ohne Bodenreisser” on this label. This translates roughly as “Best Quality, Powerful with consistent load, non corrosive”

Falcon - I don’t think that added information helps to date the tin a lot. Most of it just deals with the ammunition itself. I still think it is pre-WWII. RWS purchased the Untendoerffer primer and ammunition factory at N

Well as I said it was a guess, (in capitals) based upon a number of the tins in Jim’s stock. He very well could have found a wrapper / brick (or 2) of them originaly dating well before my guess and then marketed them. So I bow to superior research. (but at least I got the ball started!!)

Pete - my answer is pretty much a guess and a gosh too, although based on the reasons cited. I could be 180

This one may be 60’s, only a guess as its a part full tin displayed among others as “old tins” in my bar room.

The printing that is not so clear.



This was the other tin found at the weekend and I’m happy to find that the search option has worked for me.

The lid with the ‘Utendoerffer’ label is similar but different as the other examples shown but is the base of the tin a match?

Is this of interest to anyone?

Happy collecting, Peter

This tin is not for rimfires but for percussion caps I bought in the early 1960

I have a tin of BB pellets that is very similar to the Terry’s one.It is from the late 60’s

“olden days”??? watch it!

Since we are on the subject of tins here’s and old .450 blank tin.