Age of Eley .22LR


I have an Eley .22LR, Brass case, headstamp: see image below. Outer circle is case rim, and inner circle is an impressed circle. “E” is also impressed further in. The Inner circle is also offset as seen in photo. How old is this? The Eley .22s I am used to have a single “E” with serifs and no circle on the base.


Falcon–This style headstamp was use by I.M.I.Ltd., Birmingham, starting in the mid 1970’s. It was used on .22 Short, Long & Long Rifle. It was packed in the series of boxes with the 12 dots on the right end of the top panel, such as the Eley HV Moving Target box.


Thanks, do you know when they adopted the style they have today? (The “E” with no circle and serifs?


Falco–No, I can not help on .22 headstamps that have come out since 1988. Along with George Kass, I was the co-author and photographer for the “Rimfire Headstamp Guide”. We documented over 1000 rimfire headstamps. However we quit working on it in 1988 for a variety of reasons. I can probabily identify almost any rimfire headstamp before that date, but I have not kept up on them since then.


Falcon, you might try emailing Eley directly and asking them when they started to use the E headstamp without the circle around it. Was curious about the EleyPrime process. Took them about a month to answer me as the engineer who answered was traveling at the time I wrote. He gave me a very extensive explaination of the priming process. Just Google them up and there is an email address.


If you check with Eley, you will need to be much more specific than just asking when the “E without a circle” was used. As of 1988, George Kass and I had documented 18 different “E” headstamps used by Eley, Kynoch, ICI and IMI both in English production and Australian production. These date back to pre-1900 to 1988.


Ron and Falcon, probably worded that improperly. Would ask them when they started using the present E. In my singles collection (about 750 .22 and # 1) have both raised and impressed E with serfs, without serfs. E with serfs in a shield. E without serfs in a circle. From England, Austrailia, New Zealand and U.S. sold ammo. Their answer should not be too complicated. Have been collection rimfires for 51 years.


gamgjm–I haven’t collected Rimfires as long as you. I have only been at it 49 years, but I do have 1200+ .22’s and 6mm singles plus about 1500 boxes. I quit collecting them in 1988, so I do not have anything newer than that.

The count of 18 “E” headstamps only counted the plain “E”, both raised and impressed, but did not include “in shield” etc.