Age of Eley and aussie winchester .22LR boxes


More from the dumpster/time machine at the local range:
On Google pictures I found what looked like an older version of the Eley box, same colors, slightly different graphics.
The Yellow Win box looked familiar until I looked at the back, its from down under…
Buttweiler is not much help here (if I could find his book that is) Anybody can tell me the approx age of these two cardboard gems?
tia Soren


The Eley box was common when I was a lad, I’m 57 now. Although its not HP it was stock rabbit fodder. 50-60s I would say to give you a ball park date. Anyway, it gives the thread a nudge.


[quote]Anyway, it gives the thread a nudge.[/quote]Hehe, thanks for the push :-).


Soren–Both boxes are mid-60’s. The “Child Warning” was required starting in 1962 or 1963. The Winchester box was used from 1966-1981. The Winchester plant in East Geelong was opened in 1966. Winchester-Australia used 3 different bottoms. The first style starting in 1966 has “Winchester-Western Australia PTY, LTD”. Style 2 is as shown in your photo. Style 3 says “OLIN”.


Thx Ron, now I can put my little scraps of paper into the boxes and file them away in the .22 drawer. Wonder what will turn up next…


Actually we can hone it down a bit more precisely because the name IMI (kynoch) ltd is actually not them just saying IMI aka kynoch.

It was the name of the holding company that was formed in 1961 amid numerous restructurings going on in the organisation and lasted something like 2-3 years at a guess.

That might make your box a bit more unusual and worthy of note.